Max Hodak

I am a general intelligence living in San Francisco. My training is in biomedical engineering; my primary research interest is brain-machine interfaces. I believe that one of the essential goals of our generation is to understand the physics of consciousness and learn to engineer experience directly.

I am currently CEO of Science, a biology-driven technology company focused on the brain. Previously, I helped start Neuralink, where I served as President from inception through early 2021, and Transcriptic, a robotic cloud laboratory for the life sciences, where I was CEO for the first five years. I graduated from Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering in May 2012 after averaging 128,550 miles flown each of the prior two years commuting between full-time work in California, and school and research in North Carolina. I've been programming since I was five or six, and am eagerly looking forward to a world more bits than atoms.